Senopsys Helps First Aid Shot Therapy Reinvent OTC Drug Products

Posted by Senopsys on January 27, 2017

The idea: a young woman who’d been working in the world of beverages realized that there had to be an easier more convenient way to take your medicine than carrying around a big bottle of pills or tablets all the time. By happy circumstance, Mary Page Platerink (former Director of Global Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company) was introduced to Dr Jay Pasricha, M.D., (Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine), and together they came up with the idea of First Aid Shot Therapy – or FAST! A series of single dose, liquid medicine drinkable shots that could start working in minutes.

Senopsys and FAST LabsTM collaborated to improve the taste and consumption experience of common OTC products.

The result: a line of products with superior taste-masking, complex and satisfying flavors (not “medicinal”), no chalkiness or lingering aftertaste and soothing mouth feels that reinforce perceived efficacy.

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Taste Masking Challenge? Senopsys Can Help!

Are you faced with the need to develop a palatable drug product to support clinical trials or commercial development?  Our scientists are expert in both taste assessment and taste masking.

We use our experienced GCP-compliant taste panels and analytic tools to quantify the taste masking challenge and guide formulation development. And we apply a structured, sensory-directed development approach pioneered in the food industry to create palatable, taste-masked drug formulations for liquids, powders and solids.

Inquire about Senopsys’ services or schedule a “lunch and learn” seminar on the art and science of taste masking.

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Senopsys is the taste-masking development partner of choice for 15 of the top 25 global pharma companies as well as dozens of emerging and mid-size pharma and biotech companies.

Ask us questions, inquire about our services or schedule a “lunch and learn” seminar about the art and science of taste masking.