The Senopsys Difference

Liquids, powders, orally disintegrating tablets, and chewable tablets are designed for patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. Unfortunately, with ease of administration comes the challenge of palatability.

As these alternative dosage forms represent a small fraction of the market, relevant experience is diffuse even within the largest companies and their development contractors. Additionally, sensory analysis and the formulation principles of taste masking are not core competencies of the pharmaceutical industry.

This is where we come in. Senopsys is dedicated to the development of palatable drug products. It’s all we do.

Senopsys has developed highly specialized capabilities to support taste assessment and taste masking studies that meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Expertise – Formulation and sensory scientists with decades of combined experience developing palatable drug products
  • Laboratory Infrastructure – Formulation laboratories equipped to handle liquids, powders and tablets and supporting sensory analysis facilities
  • Clinical Infrastructure – Experienced investigators, customized documentation and allied systems to support human subject taste studies

Senopsys Specialized Capabilities


Many dosage forms and pharmaceutical technologies trace their origins to the food industry. Senopsys’ sensory-directed FlavorOpt Taste Masking System was devised during our team’s decades of experience in the highly competitive food industry, where taste is paramount. Our scientists apply this proven system to develop palatable drug products operating within the regulatory constraints of the pharmaceutical industry.  Senopsys provides the missing link of scientific expertise:

  • Experienced formulation scientists with extensive knowledge of the art, science and technology of taste masking, successfully applied to a wide range of dosage forms, including:
  • Powders for constitution
  • Granules (sachet)
  • Solutions
  • Suspensions
  • Emulsions
  • Chewable tablets
  • Chewing gums
  • Orally disintegrating, or “fast dissolving,” tablets

  • Soft chews
  • Films
  • Mini-tablets
  • Oral and nasal sprays
  • Tablet coatings (taste masking, ease-of-swallowing)
  • Capsules (ease of swallowing)
  • Topicals (odor masking, skin feel)

  • A team of sensory scientists and with extensive experience evaluating investigational and approved drugs.  Our sensory analysis team:
  • Follows ASTM/ISO sensory analysis standards
  • Applies customized techniques developed by Senopsys to evaluate the taste and aroma of drug actives, excipients, and packaging
  • Adheres to CGP-compliant taste evaluation protocols

All Senopsys formulation scientists are also trained sensory analysts. This integration facilitates data analysis and interpretation and provides highly robust formulation guidance that simultaneously maximizes palatability and minimizes development timelines.  This is an important Senopsys difference – integrated formulation and analysis teams, rather than independent company departments.

Laboratory Infrastructure

Senopsys applies a proven sensory-directed formulation approach to develop palatable drug products that features rapid formulation prototyping and taste measurement by trained human panelists. Supporting resources include:

  • Formulation laboratories equipped to handle most dosage forms
    • Traditional – liquids, powders, chewable tablets and nasal sprays
    • Novel  – fast dissolving tablets, oral films and sprays, and soft chews
  • Sensory evaluation facilities
  • Controlled Substance Registrations from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Robust, audited quality system


Clinical Infrastructure

Senopsys’ taste assessment and taste masking studies adhere to the principles of the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards. Key features include:

  • Experienced investigators – physicians, registered nurses and study coordinators
  • Customized document templates – protocol, informed consent, case report, drug accountability and other GCP-critical forms
  • eCRF capable
  • Established Independent Review Board relationship  – over 80 approved studies
  • Healthy adult sensory scientists (subjects) with extensive training and drug product experience
  • Occupational health monitoring administered by Harvard-affiliated hospital
  • Available pharmacy compounding of taste assessment samples 

Clinical Infrastructure


Explore the Art and Science of Taste Masking

We invite you to explore the art and science of taste masking by viewing a recent case study or downloading our white paper.

Dedicated to Developing Palatable Drug Products

Senopsys is the taste-masking development partner of choice for 15 of the top 25 global pharma companies as well as dozens of emerging and mid-size pharma and biotech companies.

Ask us questions, inquire about our services or schedule a “lunch and learn” seminar about the art and science of taste masking.