About Senopsys

The Art and Science of Taste Masking

Our name, Senopsys, is derived from Sensory Optimization Systems. It’s what we do. Importantly, it’s all we do.

Our scientists are experts in taste assessment, taste modulation, taste masking, excipient functionality and flavor construction.  We have decades of experience developing palatable liquid, powder and solid dosage forms of investigational and approved drugs.

We are independent, objective and “technology agnostic” and do not license technology, sell ingredients or manufacture products. We partner with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and drug delivery companies to develop palatable drug formulations that meet the needs of diverse patient populations.

At Senopsys, we never forget that patients are people!

Leadership Team

The Senopsys leadership team has over 60 years of combined experience developing palatable drug products.

Jeff Worthington

President and Founder

Jeff Worthington has served as Senopsys’ President since founding the company in 2006. He started Senopsys to build an enduring organization dedicated to improving human health and quality of life by enabling drug makers to develop palatable, patient-accepted products. Under his leadership, Senopsys has assembled a talented scientific team and built the laboratory and clinical infrastructure to support pharmaceutical taste assessment and taste masking studies.

Prior to founding Senopsys, Jeff was Vice President of Food and Pharmaceutical Technology at Arthur D. Little, Inc., and its successor company TIAX, where he built an international reputation as a thought leader in taste masking directing programs for pharma, biotech and drug delivery companies. Jeff earned his BS in Chemistry from Northeastern University and MBA from Babson College. He is chair of the Applied Sensory Technology Work Group of the National Institutes of Health’s Pediatric Formulation Initiative and holds several patents related to sensory technology.

David Tisi

Technical Director

David Tisi joined Senopsys in 2006 as the founding member of our scientific team. He leads a passionate team of formulation and sensory scientists and directs Senopsys’ taste assessment and taste masking operations. David has spent his career at the intersection of food and pharmaceutical technology. He is skilled in the art and science of taste masking with 15 years of experience developing palatable formulations, including investigational and approved drugs across a diverse range of indications and dosage forms. His expertise includes sensory analysis of drug products, excipient functionality, taste modulation, flavor construction and processing technology.

David gained his early formulation development experience at PepsiCo and Nestle, later joining Senopsys founder Jeff Worthington at TIAX where he managed projects to improve the sensory qualities of food and drug products. He received an MS in Food Science from Cornell University and has several patents issued and pending. David is a member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the Institute of Food Technologists.

Vanik Petrossian

Principal Scientist

Vanik Petrossian designs and implements formulation strategies for mitigating aversive taste, odor, mouthfeel and texture attributes of drug actives and excipients. Vanik has more than thirty years of experience in food and pharmaceutical product development and is widely regarded as a leading expert in the taste masking of drug products. His experience includes both traditional dosage forms – liquids, powders and chewable tablets – and novel dosage forms including fast dissolving tablets, oral films and soft chews.

Before joining Senopsys, Vanik was a Principal Scientist at Arthur D. Little, Inc., and TIAX where he was instrumental in the development of iconic brands of foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals (Rx and OTC) for clients internationally. He began his professional career in product development at Kraft Foods where he worked on many technologies that are now used by the pharmaceutical industry. Vanik received his BA in chemistry from American University and holds several patents in food and pharmaceutical technology. He is a member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists and the Institute of Food Technologists.

Dedicated to Developing Palatable Drug Products

Senopsys is the taste-masking development partner of choice for 15 of the top 25 global pharma companies as well as dozens of emerging and mid-size pharma and biotech companies.

Ask us questions, inquire about our services or schedule a “lunch and learn” seminar about the art and science of taste masking.