Developing Palatable Drug Products: A Decision Framework and Guide for CDMOs

Posted by Senopsys on July 1, 2016

Many drug actives are bitter or have other aversive attributes that require effective taste masking. Senopsys penned an article for Contract Pharma that describes the framework for developing palatable drug products advanced by the AAPS Pediatric Formulations Task Force. The framework is a decision-tree that identifies the sequence of questions that need to be answered to guide development of palatable, taste-masked formulations. It is built upon two pillars. First, the adage that you can’t improve what you can’t measure – is the formulation challenge bitterness, trigeminal irritation or a malodor? Second, the art and science of taste masking derived from the food and allied industries.

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Taste Masking Challenge? Senopsys Can Help!

Are you faced with the need to develop a palatable drug product to support clinical trials or commercial development?  Our scientists are expert in both taste assessment and taste masking.

We use our experienced GCP-compliant taste panels and analytic tools to quantify the taste masking challenge and guide formulation development. And we apply a structured, sensory-directed development approach pioneered in the food industry to create palatable, taste-masked drug formulations for liquids, powders and solids.

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